Telegram and Messenger Services

Would you like to be always informed about the website news, the meteo alert warnings, or to receive notifications regarding earthquakes with a magnitude higher than 3.5? Perfect! Follow the channel Telegram: News_adStatuas

If you want to see the weather-seismic data in real time or the latest pic taken by the webcam, interact with the discrete and innovative bot adStatuas_bot

Now you can also interact with Messenger bot! Put “I like” in the Facebook page @adStatuas and press the botton “Use the app”

Main bot consultations:

  • General information
  • Current temperature
  • Today’s minimum temperature
  • Today’s maximum temperature
  • Rain Presence
  • Wind speed
  • Webcam image
  • Seismograph
  • News
  • Meteochiusi 43,015N 11,949E Weather Station of Chiusi Centro Storico