The “ad Statuas” Observatory has installed three remote emplacements, located in suburban areas, that is to say in the countryside of Acquaviva di Montepulciano. They are called “Terzini” ,”Terzi-Ribersani” and “Pansieri-Vannucci” and they enable to sample the air temperature. The thermometric sensors are placed inside weather huts which are located at a height of 1.80 m above the grass level, in compliance with the World Meteorological Organization (W.M.O) directives.

This supplementary equipment enables to have additional and detailed information, above all if one wants to analyse the temperature extreme values, especially the minimum temperatures, which can be as free as possible from the interferences caused by the “heat island” phenomenon of urban areas. It also enables to show the variability of possible values during the frequent conditions of thermal inversion, considering the particular orography of our territory.